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Tattoos, very often are something close to the heart, not to mention personal for most people who decide to get one. Tattoos are a way of expressing one's personality or passion towards a person/belief.

The most important decision about getting your first tattoo is to find the right artist. There is plenty of information available online but make time to meet with your prospective tattooist face-to-face.

Unlike my previous job where there was never the opportunity to see in real-time how my work made a difference to people, here, I get to see their excitement and satisfaction almost immediately.

If you are thinking about removing or hiding or to give a good look to your existing tattoo, please visit our studio in person with your new idea about it and find better and possible solutions to it.




I was introduced to the World of Tattoos by a dear friend. Having trained in Chennai, from the best of the best, I opened Yantra Tattoos in December 2011.

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After college, I have joined Yantra Tattoos as apprentice and slowly trained to become a tattoo artist. Now I am confident to run the studio alone.

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Deepak M C

I was trained in Bangalore from one of the best in the city. My love towards explore more places and art, I have decided to become a travelling tattoo artist.




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We have clean, calm and comfortable tattooing environment.

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