Yantra Tattoos – One of the Best and Professional Tattoo, Body Piercing & Training Studio in Chennai



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We are the best tattoo studio in Chennai who does tattoos to cover/hide your old or name tattoo. And we do tattoos on birthmarks and post-surgery scars.

The most difficult part of getting a tattoo is narrowing down on That One Design you want to 'wear' on your skin, permanently.

We do sell high quality and international grade tattoo supplies for professional tattoo artists across India. And we are proudly the best tattoo supplier in Chennai.

We use sterile one-time-use needles and nitrile gloves and a thorough sterilization process to clean the surgical steel jewelry making us a reliable piercing shop in Chennai.

If you are looking for a woman tattoo artist in Chennai, then we have an amazing woman artist in house.

We provide tattoo training for people are searching for tattoo classes or tattoo apprenticeships to make a career out of tattooing.