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How can I prepare for my tattoo?

Ensure you are very much refreshed, all around hydrated, and have eaten as of late. Besides that, clean up and carry some cool beverages or chocolate to keep up your sugar level.

What should I wear for my tattoo session?

It’s more important being comfortable to fashionable. Looser is better than tighter, and remember you need to have the option to conceal certain spots that may show, contingent upon where you’re getting your tattoo. Avoid white shading dresses.

How should I plan for a bigger tattoo?

First thing, come converse with us. The best huge pieces consistently BEGIN with a firm arrangement, not simply pieces a lot freely integrated. We can do a sleeve or back piece with existing work set up, yet it will ALWAYS look better when you come in with an arrangement and permit the same craftsman to help carry that arrangement to fulfillment for you. Along those equivalent lines, it will take multiple meetings and cost you ₹40000 or more to try and verge on doing a sleeve. So prepare and set aside your cash so you can handle these enormous pieces as they are speculations and duties.

When should I not get tattooed?

You should not get tattooed when you are:

  • Drunk
  • High
  • Pregnant
  • Pre-Surgery
  • Post-Surgery
  • When you don’t know what you want
  • When you can’t afford it
  • When you’re sunburned
  • When you haven’t showered
  • Being pressured into it
  • When you’ve been told by us that your idea is bad
What is the pain level for a tattoo?

The pain level is presumably a 3/10. The best examination is getting a scratch on a burn from the sun or having somebody draw on you with a ball-point pen on a burn from the sun. It doesn’t feel better, however, it’s a greater amount of discontinuous bothering than a consistent agony. Everybody has an alternate agony edge and handle torment in an unexpected way. On the off chance that you unwind and focus on breathing, it is basically torment free.

What is your minimum price for tattoos?

Our studio least cost is ₹1500. We experience almost similar measure of over the top expenses including quality checked and expensive supplies to do a tattoo the size of a quarter as we accomplish for a tattoo the size of a softball. Everything must be cleaned, prior and after too.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our estimating is overly moderate, we won’t penny-squeeze and the nature of work will be more than what you pay for. Despite the fact that the studio least is ₹1500 the last expense of your tattoo will rely upon the plan, size, and body position; which will be talked about at the hour of the eye to eye conference just as it might change from individual to individual.

Do you accept card payment?

Yes, we do accept all cards including American Express and International cards.

What is the age requirement?

For tattoos, minors age 16+ with a parent present and recognizable proof. For piercings, we can just do ear cartilage for those under age 14 and will be stopped if the minor says no. Beginning at age 14 we can puncture anything but (areolas and privates) with the above assent.

Should I walk-in or book an appointment?

We generally urge individuals to book an arrangement for tattoos of any size. To begin with, this promises you will get in at a specific time without conceivably hanging tight for quite a long time. Second, it allows our craftsmen to draw your new tattoo so that it’s 100% extraordinary to you. For more modest tattoos, in the event that we have openings don’t hesitate to attempt to stroll in.

What is your sterilisation procedures?

Single-use needles are just utilized. They are disposed off, following immediate use. All stainless steel instruments that are utilized, experience an exacting purging everyday practice; they are first cleaned ultrasonically, then soaked in a chemical sterilising bath, lastly positioned into an autoclave. This demolishes all microscopic organisms and infections (eg. HIV, Hepatitis and so on) The autoclave itself is tried consistently. Expendable ink covers are utilized and disposed off after every customer. Each thing that contacts your body is either totally sterile or new.

How long does it take to heal after a tattoo?

Most of your new tattoo mending cycle will be done within the initial fourteen days. Notwithstanding, the skin is as yet attempting to mend and revive and you have to anticipate four to six months for your skin to have returned to its past state.

Why do tattoos start to itch while healing?

As the skin restores itself, typically about seven days after the tattoo was done, the tingle sets in. This is 100% typical. Great lotions will help gigantically with this yet DO NOT SCRATCH IT! On the off chance that moisturizer isn’t helping, run it under cold water for a couple of seconds and you should be without the tingle.

What happens if i'm late to my appointment?

Try not to be. Truly, in case you’re late to your arrangement, it will lose our timetable for the afternoon.

Can I get colour tattoo if I have dark complexion?

On brown complexion, dark ink is a superior alternative as other shades won’t be clear or entirely noticeable (recall that the ink goes underneath the shading color of your skin).

Do you have female tattoo artist?

Indeed, we do have female tattoo craftsman in our studio for the clients who lean toward woman tattoo craftsman.