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Best Tattoo art Decided to get INKED!! Get ready for your tattoo..

  • If you are to be tattooed in an area where you have a lot of body hair, shave 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Try to get a good restful sleep on the night prior to your appointment. We don't want you exhausted.
  • Eat something an hour or two before your appointment time. Don't come with a completely empty stomach.
  • Bring some fruit juice or something to eat just in case you get hungry during your tattoo session.

Planning to make a tattooYou've mulled it over, you've done your research, you've watched the TV shows, you've bought the magazines, you've saved your money, and now you want to get your first tattoo. What's next?

First of all ask yourself if you truly want it. Do not succumb to peer pressure, do not get a tattoo as a fashion accessory and do not get it when you are drunk. If you have a medical condition, seek specialist advice before getting a tattoo. Once past that hurdle, possibly the most important decision about getting your first (or indeed any) tattoo is to find the right artist. There is plenty of information available in the form of on-line portfolios, websites, tattoo shows and publications, but make time to meet with your prospective tattooist face-to-face. You should feel comfortable explaining what you want and be wary of anyone who tries to sell you something else.If you go in for a butterfly and come out with a tribal back piece, something has gone wrong!

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