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Preparing for your Tattoo

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Decided to get INKED!! Get ready for your tattoo..

  • If you are to be tattooed in an area where you have a lot of body hair, shave 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Try to get a good restful sleep on the night prior to your appointment. We don’t want you exhausted.
  • Eat something an hour or two before your appointment time. Don’t come with a completely empty stomach.
  • Bring some fruit juice or something to eat just in case you get hungry during your tattoo session.
  • Your body burns a lot of fuel during a tattoo and you may want to replenish yourself.
  • Wear something appropriate. Remember what part of your body we need access to.
  • Darker colours are better. Don’t wear something brand new and white, as we are likely to get some ink on it. Avoid tight clothing.

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