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Few things, You should know

The first tattoo in ChennaiFew things, you should know about your first tattoo.

  • Only touch your tattoo with clean hands. Don’t let others touch your healing tattoo.
  • It is fine to work out or go to the gym after getting a tattoo, but make sure to cover your tattoo for at least the first two weeks. Gym and yoga mats can harbour nasty germs and bacteria! Most infections in new tattoos are contracted in publicly used places such as these.
  • The sun will fade your tattoo! No sun exposure for the first three weeks of healing. After that, keeping sunscreen on your tattoo will keep it from fading.
  • During the first 3-4 weeks of healing your new tattoo, no soaking in a bath, swimming, saunas or jacuzzi! The salt and chlorine can fade or blur your tattoo. These are also all breeding ground for bacteria!
  • Everyone’s body takes ink differently and the overall healing of your tattoo can affect the outcome! If you have some ink “fallout”, which will look like blotchy area or places where there was ink, but now there is not, this is all normal. Yantra Tattoos offer a free touch up within the first few months of receiving your tattoo. A second pass on these area usually does the trick!
  • After your tattoo is healed (4-6 weeks), you can go back to your regular routine. Keep in mind that repeated exposure to the sun is what can age and fade a tattoo.