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Checklist to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Tattoo


Checklist of Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Tattoo

1.  Are you okay with your tattoo becoming a permanent part of you?
2.  Are you confident that you want a tattoo for all the right reasons?3.  Is getting a tattoo your idea, or is it someone else’s?
4.  Are you willing to do all the required research before meeting the needle?
5.  Are you okay with experiencing some level of pain?
6.  Do you understand that, even under the best conditions, there can be health risks involved?
7.  Are you okay with the idea of people not liking your tattoo—even openly criticizing you for it?
8.  Are you willing to take full responsibility for how your tattoo comes out?
9.  Do you understand that as your body changes over time, so, likely, will the appearance of your tattoo?
10.  Is there an alternative to getting a tattoo that may be more in line with what you’re really after?

[quotes]Did you Know?[/quotes]

  • 43% of people polled say they get tattooed to represent something personal
  • 38% of people say they choose a tattoo because it has special meaning to them
  • 32% say the quality of the artwork is how they choose their tattoo
  • 32% say they get tattooed because they are addicted to ink
  • 27% of people say they choose their tattoo for its originality
  • 19% of people say they get tattooed because they like the artwork
  • 4% of people say they get tattooed because they enjoy the feeling of it
Source: LLC Online Polls